(February 2022 - these should only be used as a guide based on previous activities and will be updated once we are able to restart)


(updated 21.5.19)

As ambassadors for Highland Young Musicians, it is essential that all members strive to promote a positive attitude to the Groups and ensure that the expectations of the Music Development Officer and designated Instructors/leaders are met.

Essential rehearsal equipment:

Music stands, pencils, rubbers, spare reeds, strings, mutes (as appropriate), music & instruments.

Practice before rehearsals:

In order to ensure that best use can be made of limited rehearsal time members should ensure that they are completely familiar with all music before each rehearsal.  Rehearsals are planned to allow work on musical points, NOT note learning.

Attendance at rehearsals:

By agreeing to become a member of Highland Young Musicians, it is assumed that the rehearsal schedule has been read and understood.

We expect a high level of commitment from members and full attendance at rehearsals is essential – not only for individual members’ sakes, but also for the musical success of the whole group.

In the event of any member being genuinely unable to attend, please contact by email at: hym@highlifehighland.com or by phone to Ruth Urquhart on 01349 781024 by 4pm on the Friday of rehearsal weekends. After 4pm please contact Norman Bolton direct on 07748 760747.

As rehearsal time is extremely limited, members MUST be prompt and ready to begin playing at times indicated by staff.

Saturday Rehearsals in Inverness:

Rehearsals: START at 10.30 prompt, until 5.15.

Unless listed below, all groups rehearse together from:

10.30am until 12.45pm (with one or two short breaks as required)

Lunch: 12.45 – 1.45

Rehearse: 1.45 – 5.15 (with one or two short breaks as required)

Finish: 5.15 – all members/staff to help with clear please.  Please note that ALL groups should be rehearsing until 5pm and no member should be allowed to leave Millburn before then.  Leave venue cleared by 5.15pm.

No catering will be provided at any HYM rehearsal weekends.

There are plenty food outlets within safe walking distance of all venues.  Students may take packed lunches, snacks etc. to our venues if they so wish.

Transport  to & from rehearsals:                                                                          

Coaches are provided free of charge from many locations.  There may be no adult supervision for all or part of the journey.

Members MUST obey instructions given by the driver and MUST wear the seat belts provided.

There should be no need for members to move around coaches at any point.

Members should ensure that coaches are left in a tidy manner.

Members should not leave the coach until the driver states that it is safe to do so.

No instruments will be allowed on board coaches – all must be stowed in the holds.

Some other points to note:

Schedules will be indicated on letters for each rehearsal. Coach pick-up times will reflect this schedule.


Membership Costs 19/20:

SILVER: £260 – 1 x £65 on acceptance of membership offer, then 3 x £65 (Oct; Nov; Jan) OR 1 x £260.  

BRONZE: £220 – 1 x £55 on acceptance of membership offer, then 3 x £55 (Oct; Nov; Jan) OR 1 x £220.  

STUDENT (1st year Uni/college): £200 – 1 x £50 on acceptance of membership offer, then 3 x £50 (Oct; Nov; Jan) OR 1 x £200.  

HYM groups are all about inclusion and applicants should not be put off considering membership because they think they may not be able to afford the costs. Funding applications can be made to The Agar Trust www.agar-trust.org.uk

NEW FOR 19/20 - Friends of Highland Young Musicians have created a specific fund to offer some bursary support towards membership costs.  Please email hym@highlifehighland.com to request an application form.

Membership fees will not be refunded except in cases of long-term illness.


Concert Dress:

ALL MEMBERS will require:

Girls: black shirt; black trousers/skirt; black shoes (not trainers)

(Please ensure that shirts have enough material over tops of trousers/skirts to preserve modesty when seated.  This ‘modesty’ request also applies to skirt length.)

Boys: black shirt; black trousers; black shoes (not trainers); black socks

(Shirts should be tucked into trousers)

All members will need a Highland Young Musicians Tartan tie – the opportunity to buy one will be given when information regarding the concert weekend is sent out.


The end of a rehearsal day is made much easier if every member helps clear rehearsal areas and ensures that we leave the venue as we found it (also making sure that all personal belongings and music are taken away).

Members returning on coach transport from rrehearsals should make their way to the appropriate coach where passenger lists will be checked prior to departure – if plans have changed and members are NOT returning on one of our coaches, parents and members have been asked to inform Norman of this earlier on the Saturday so that we know exactly who is on each coach and also so that the coaches can leave as quickly as possible.  Failure to notify of return transport changes wastes an incredible amount of time and energy searching for members who can already be on their way home independently – but coaches should be allowed to go once every effort to confirm any changes have been made.

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